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Crooked Daylight

jacket image for CROOKED DAYLIGHT by HELEN SLAVIN The 1st book in Helen Slavin's series features the not-so-normal town of Woodcastle. Follow The Way sisters' adventures in magic, witchcraft & suspense.

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Published Date: 29 August 2016

Helen Slavin’s new series features the “chatty prose, requisite tea shop and spooky clues” (Booklist) for which she is most loved, this time in the not-so-normal town of Woodcastle.

The Way sisters, Anna, Charlie and Emz, were raised in two worlds. Their mother’s realm of reason, measurement and logic, and the world inhabited by their spectacularly unconventional grandmother, Hettie.

While their mother worked, the sisters ran wild at Hettie’s Cob Cottage, discovering forbidden Pike Lake, unknowable Havoc Wood, and what their grandmother referred to only as ‘The Strengths’.

But time passed, the sisters grew up, work and relationships and their mother’s world won them over, and The Strengths lay forgotten…

That is until Hettie passes away suddenly, leaving behind Cob Cottage and a whole lot of questions.

Anna is busy trying very hard not to cry as she caters yet another wedding, Charlie is spending more time at the job she loves than with the boyfriend she’s not quite sure about and Emz is dreaming up new ways to avoid school and the drama that comes with it, but can they deal with strange guests, unexpected danger and some long-forgotten memories?

Follow The Way sisters’ adventures in magic, witchcraft & suspense in this charming and entertaining book from Helen Slavin.

Crooked Daylight is the first in a new series, The Witch Ways.  Join Helen’s bookclub if you’d like to be the first to know more…

This title is now available as an ebook and as a paperback.

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