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The Ice King: A Witch Ways Whisper

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Publisher: Ipso Books
Language: English
Published Date: June

When Vanessa Way leaves home in search of adventure and, dare she say it, her destiny, she leaves a lot behind. An unconventional mother who she’s sure is keeping secrets, a wood where time and light don’t quite follow the rules, and a backyard lake dwelling giant fish that the whole town seems hell bent on capturing.

Lachlan Laidlaw is a student of the unexplained and the inconvenient; some call it ghost hunting, most call it nonsense, but Lachlan knows that there is something else there, lurking at the borders of things. He also knows that he belongs Elsewhere, away from his small town and beyond the stuffy halls of academia. Somewhere cold where the snow lies deep white.

They head off in search of something more, both blissfully unaware of what that may be, of each other, and of the darkness their destinies hold.

This novella, The Ice King, is a sneak peek at the offbeat world of the Ways.


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